Please read the following License Agreement carefully. By downloading you agree to the following terms of use:

Basel Face Database License Agreement

1. The researcher is employed by an officially accredited university.

2. The BFD shall only be used for own non-profit scientific research. Any other use is forbidden.

3. The BFD shall not be distributed and sold to or shared with third parties.

4. The images may not be modified.

5. No attempts may be made to identify or contact the individuals depicted in the BFD.

6. Only selected images can be used in publications (see publication list). The publication of images not mentioned in the publication list is strictly prohibited.

7. Images from the publication list may solely be used in scientific publications (i.e., scientific journal article, scientific book, book chapter or conference presentation).

8. Use of the BFD materials as stimuli must be acknowledged in all published work. The respective manuscript (Walker, Schönborn, Greifeneder, & Vetter, 2018) has to be cited.

9. The individuals depicted in the BFD hold a right to withdraw their own photograph from the BFD. As soon as an individual makes use of this right, the researcher will receive an e-mail including the photograph number. From that point on, the researcher must not any longer use the respective images in research and publications.

10. The researcher shall be liable towards Mirella Walker for any damages arising from unlawful use of the BFD by the researcher himself as well as for any damages stemming from unlawful use of the BFD by third parties.

11. The use and publication of data obtained using BFD must comply with all of the above.

To request the BFD materials please fill in the form below. Note that only official academic e-mail addresses are accepted. In order to show your affiliation with an officially accredited university, please cite a link to the website of your university mentioning your affiliation. As soon as your request has been approved, you will receive an e-mail with the link to download the BFD.